Sarah Lewis – A Success Story

Sarah Lewis - A Success Story

Sarah Lewis is truly an inspiring success story at Risinger. She is part of our Driver Action Committee and one of our employees of the year for 2010. “It’s been a wonderful story …” says Sarah. “In 2004 I started out with nothing but a car and clothes. I put what little bit of stuff I had in my brother’s spare bedroom and went to work at Risinger as a company driver.”

Sarah quickly earned a reputation as a vibrant, encouraging person who tirelessly serves customers with excellence. Sarah has a quality about her that is rare to come by. Her joy is infectious. Five minutes with Sarah and you feel like a winner.

In 2008 when Risinger went to an all owner operator company model, Sarah found a truck, secured the loan, and entered into being a true owner operator. This was a tough decision because many of her peers said she would fail. Sarah took the plunge, paid her down payment, and started her new life as an independent contractor with Risinger.

Since that day in 2008 and contrary to her peers, Sarah has been very successful. Sarah bought and paid off a house in August of 2011. She also was able to give away her old car to someone in need.

Sarah has been with Risinger seven years as of April 2012 and plans to stay many years to come. Thank you Sarah for being a part of the Risinger family!

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Louisville, KY here we come!

It is that time of year … can you smell it? It is MATS and Risinger will be there whether you are currently in the industry or retired you will be entertained and welcomed at MATS.

Risinger will be at booth # 65057. We hope to see you there!

Show Dates & Hours

MARCH 22ND, 2012
MARCH 23RD, 2012
MARCH 24TH, 2012
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People Come First

In 2010 we had the honor of hosting a tribute dinner for Dave and Marilyn Risinger, the founders of our company.  Dave gave a memorable and inspirational speech and you could hear a pin drop during his talk as people were intently listening to every word.  Dave talked about the importance of building a good foundation.  At first I thought he was talking about one of his buildings or a home but I quickly realized he was talking about a much more important structure.  His speech was a reflection of the life he lived where he created a heritage of building a foundation based on putting people first. 

When I came to Risinger in 2004 Stan Risinger was the President of the company.  I was deeply impressed with his commitment to all of our people.  He knew almost all the drivers by name and seemed to have a personal relationship with them.  Stan would always remind us that people are what make a company great and now that Dean and I are the next in line to carry the torch of leadership, how could we not continue with so great a heritage of community and loyalty?  It is our desire that we always honor this heritage and continue to develop a culture where no matter what business pressures and challenges we face, we always remember to care for each and every person who works with us and to treat them with the same love and concern that was exemplified by those that came before us.   

Jim Davis

Chief Operating Officer and part owner

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Get ready Dallas, here we come!

We’re headed to Dallas for the Great American Truckshow. This will be our first year in attendance and we couldn’t be more excited. We hope to meet a lot of awesome new people and see some of our great drivers there! If your in the area, stop by and say hey.

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Weekly Call Notes for July 22nd

Weekly Call Subject
Operations Enhancements & Comments from Driver Advocate Tim Gold

Enhancements to Operations
Tim Gold is now serving you in his new position as Driver Advocate and Fleet Manager Supervisor. Tim is our most experienced fleet manager and planner. He also holds a CDL and is a former driver. Tim is well respected by our partners, staff, and drivers for his knowledge, professionalism, and can do attitude. Tim will be your main point of contact after discussions with your Fleet Manager.

As your Driver Advocate, Tim has the following duties:

  • Assuring that driver issues are addressed positively, promptly, and fairly.
  • Listening to your concerns and helping solve problems.
  • Reviewing plans, miles, and low settlements to make sure you’re getting the miles and revenue you want.
  • Keeping you moving and making money.

Rick Sanford will be joining us as a new Fleet Manager. Rick started last week and is still in the training process. Many of you already know Rick. He previously worked as a driver trainer and dispatcher, and for the last several years Rick has been driving with Risinger, first as a company driver and then as an owner/operator. Rick has been involved in trucking and logistics for over fifteen years.

We are adding an additional Fleet Manager to help us work more closely with you and be more responsive to your needs. With an additional Fleet Manager we can assign each Fleet Manager fewer drivers so we can do a better job looking out for you and meeting your needs.

Bob Sumner, one of the most seasoned individuals in the operations department, is moving back to the day shift so he can work with drivers as a Fleet Manager and provide leadership and additional coaching to others on the operations staff.

Jodi Bridgmon will be working from 1pm to 10 pm to provide additional support to Steve Sauder and Tammy Cundiff in the evenings.

Comments from Driver Advocate Tim Gold
Tim Gold explained that he is here to help you. He sees his role as alleviating the problems and pressures drivers face by being an in-house advocate for you. He will do his best to make things easier for you and help make sure you get miles, keep revenues up, and keep moving.

Tim has a CDL and is a former driver. He understands the challenges drivers face on the road because he has been there. He will be actively coaching our newer Fleet Managers to help them better serve you.

Driver Referrals
Risinger appreciates and thanks all independent contractors that have referred drivers to us over the past several weeks. The program continues and Risinger will pay a $500.00 bonus to IC’s who refer a qualified applicant.

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Our new website is up and runnin’

It has been a long road and a few late nights, but our new website is up and going. We hope you enjoy the changes we have made and find the new site a better online experience.

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Driver appreciation cookout at Romar

We will be serving breakfast and lunch for our drivers as well as handing out merchandise to thank you for all of your hard work at Romar in Chicago on the 15 of this month! See you there!

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